Monday, August 16, 2010

How Did I Get Here?

A blog....who would have thought I would start a blog?  How did this happen? 
How did this start? 
I am an amateur genealogist embarking on a project to leave a record of family history for my children.
I've been working on the data for several years (this is not a "couple of weeks" project), have recently begun adding photographs and had intent to complete it by Christmas of 2010 (this year).

I attended a book club meeting today and the leader was excited about having sent an email to the author.  She was surprised that the author responded within minutes.  At home tonight and working on my own book club presentation, I had the idea to email the author of my book.  Why?  One of his characters had the very same name as many of the women in my husbands family.  It occured to me that it was possible that his character (non-fiction) and our family could have had a connection.  I wondered how much genealogical research he had done on this womans line.  Could there be a connection?  Could we uncover it?

He responded within hours.  He did not know of a connection but was able to put me in touch with a group that specializes in recording data on this particular surname family.  I went to the website and was amazed at the information there. 

When you think you are at a dead end doing your research, something new presents itself!  I hadn't been researching this branch for some time but reading my book club selection renewed my interest in this part of the family line. 

What is my point?  I guess it is just that you never know what will catch your eye or peak your interest.
Attending a book club led to an idea which led to a contact which led to a connection that will help me in my research. 

Guess I'll just see where it goes from here.

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