Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Stacks and Stacks of Photos

I wonder if I'll ever live long enough to go thru all the photographs I've collected over the years.
Today, I went into the storage room and tried to locate pictures of my dad, his parents, my mom, and her parents. 
A word of advice to any that read this....write (with pencil) on the back of every photograph that you think is important, the name of the people and the location and most importantly, the year the photo was taken.
How frustrating to have a lovely sepia toned picture of a loved one but not really know which loved one it is.
Thankfully, I am able to figure most of the old photos out but I've not been good about marking the photos that I've taken.
There are stacks and stacks, boxes and boxes, envelopes and envelopes of photographs - all in no particular order.  The old ones I took out of my mothers house after she died but the newer ones, mostly taken since having my children in 1976, are all over.  In the early years, I was good about labeling and putting them into albums but as the years progressed, I just stashed them into boxes thinking I'd get to them one day.
Well, that day is now and it is not a pretty picture to say the least. 
It is hard to know what to do with them now.  Todays technology enables one to scan them onto a computer but what for, who for?  Who is going to look at them?  Who is going to keep the albums?  Do the children want them?  Do they need all these photographs?  Should I divide them up?  How should I do that?  Do I put all the photos of one child into a box for him and all the photos of the other child into a box for him?
What about photos where both children are in the same photo - who should get that one?  Why am I agonizing over this?  Does anyone care?
What I have decided to do is to compile photos of ancestors, organize them (how to do that is another matter) and make them into a book.  If no one wants them, at least I will have the satisfaction of knowing that they have been carefully collected, compiled and printed.  If nothing else, it is fun and intriguing to compare "now" photos with "then" photos and note the facial and body language similarities between the generations...features that have been passed down and carried on in subsequent generations.  And we think we have nothing in common with those folks! 

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