Monday, September 13, 2010

Who Was That Red Headed Girl?

My great-grandmother Auer lived in a brownstone walkup apartment.  It was a "shotgun" type of arrangement.  The rooms were arranged in linear fashion from the front of the house to the rear.  If you were to drive by and shoot a bullet through the front window, it would go straight thru the house and out the back door.  It was a duplex meaning that there were "units" on either side of the stairs which were located in the very center of the building.  "Grandma Auer" lived on the left.  Aunt Rita lived on the right.  Who was she?
Why was she always around?  Why did I call her Aunt Rita and where did all that red curly hair come from?
She seemed nice and she seemed really nice to grandma.
As I remember, Grandma lay in a hospital bed in the center room.  The room you entered from the central hall.  The bedroom must have been to the left, overlooking the street because the kitchen was to the right.  There was a rear door which was usually open whenever I was there.  It led to a small walk out yard/garden.  I was allowed to play there during our visits.  There was a little step up from the kitchen to the outdoors.  I remember that it was a very small yard and surrounded by brick walls on all sides.  I had to look up beyond the walls if I wanted to see the clouds in the sky above.   We never stayed long but we went often enough.
That's pretty much the extent of my memory of my great-grandmother Auer.  She was my mothers' fathers' mother. Years later, my mother, (who kept in touch with nearly everyone she had ever met,) stayed in touch with Rita. By the time mother moved to Wilson, Rita had re-located to Truth and Consequences, New Mexico. Long after Grandma was gone, they continued to stay in touch....why?  Who was that red headed girl?

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