Monday, October 25, 2010


Just a little addition that may be of some amusement. 
My mother told me several times that my grand-mother, Rose, had been "kidnapped" by gypsies!  According to her story, my grand-mother was missing for at least a week.  When she was "returned", her mother, Elsie, was not sure that they returned the right child.  No details were ever provided but there is no doubt that Rose was document that. 
Truly a "crazy" story that I wish I had listened to more carefully! 
Maybe that is the lesson she was trying to teach listen carefully to your elders....they know and hold the family secrets.  Now that they are all gone, it pains me to think of what I might know now if I had only paid more attention.  If I weren't writing this all done, none of you would know half of all of this.  And it's really interesting, don't you think?

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