Saturday, September 3, 2011

Diary of an Expedition - Genealogy style - Part One

We'd been planning it for months.  My niece, Emily and I were about to embark on an expedition back into time.  We met at the Detroit Metropolitan Airport, Emily having flown in from New Orleans via Tampa, Florida and Baltimore, Maryland.  I was lucky enough to snag a simple, two hour direct flight from Greenville, S.C.  Seeing her enter the baggage claim area made my heart leap!  This was really going to happen!  We were going to, together, dig around in our shared past and present.  We loaded our bags into our very bright and shiny, red Chevy Impala and headed for the Canadian border.  After some crafty navigation by Emily, I drove the car over the Ambassador Bridge and into Windsor, Ontario.  Built in 1929, The Ambassador Bridge is the busiest border crossing in North American in terms of trade volume and carries 10,000 commercial vehicles a day. 

 A quick stop at Customs and before long, we were checking into a Hampton Inn for the first night of our adventure.  After a nice dinner at a restaurant in a nearby mall, we crawled into our beds and fell asleep.

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