Saturday, September 3, 2011

Diary of an Expedition - Genealogy style - Part Two

Morning came and Emily and I headed to the hotel lobby for breakfast.  We were in no particular hurry and stopped to chat with a nice Canadian couple.  After telling us about their plans to visit New Orleans for a Red Hat Society Convention, they exchanged e-mail addresses with Em and promised to stay in touch.
Ridgetown, is an easy one hour drive from Windsor.  The town sits on the edge of Lake Erie and is directly across from Cincinnati, Ohio.  It is a lovely, historical town, filled with Victorian type homes and lush gardens.  Sitting in the center of acres of fertile fields of wheat, corn and grasses, wind turbines and solar panels dot the landscape.  The Canadian government seems to be further advanced in promoting alternative forms of energy.  Paying stipends to farmers willing to allow the turbines and panels to be built on their lands, both have become a common sight.  A figure of $10,000 was mentioned as the annual rent paid to a farmer per turbine....not a bad way to earn some extra cash particularly if the crops are struggling and quite an incentive!
Before long, we were pulling into the driveway of the home of my second cousin, once removed - what?
Well, Barbara is the grand-daughter of my fathers uncle....she and my daddy would have been first cousins!
As I've noted in an earlier post, Barbara is an accomplished genealogist who had put a letter of inquiry on one of the ancestral intenet message boards years ago.  I stumbled across it and we've been communicating ever since.  She and her husband, Don, traveled to Wilson, N.C. to meet me sometime around 1995.  They were able to meet my mother and we all enjoyed a nice visit.  Barbara filled in many of the blanks in my family history and generously shared pictures and information that I had never seen and didn't know.  Now, I was about to step foot into her home and introduce her to Emily....her third cousin!

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