Saturday, September 3, 2011

Diary of an Expedition - Genealogy style - Part Three

How do you describe a perfect day?  Entering Barbara's home, like entering anyones home for the first time was, for a moment, unsettling.  Did we belong here?  Were we intruding?  Would we fit in?  In no more than a moment as we hugged and laughed and made introductions, I felt right at home.  With gracious hospitality, Barb and Don welcomed us into their home and put us at ease.  Her children, all grown and with families of their own, would be coming to dinner.  So much family and so little time!  Poor Don, he so heroically put up with our jabbering as we poured thru Barb's genealogical treasures.  Photographs of old homeplaces, a third great uncle and his children, ribbon from the original National Tinsel family factory.  Barb gently took Emily under her wing and shared her bountiful collection with both of us.  Tears flowed easily when the reality of extended family hit home.  I would have travelled to the moon and back to experience these moments in time.

Dinner came too soon but as Barb and Don's children poured in, we felt surrounded by the love and support only a family can provide.  Conversation flowed easily and many commonalities were found.  I have a name-sake of sorts!  Barb and Don named their only daughter, Pamela Sue.  What a delight to finally meet her!
And all the time, hanging on a wall as if watching over us, was a family heirloom....the clock my great-grandmother, Caroline Auguste Lehman Protz brought with her to Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania from Charlottenburg, Germany when she visited in 1910.  To me, it had an almost sacred presence in the room.

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