Wednesday, September 24, 2014

One Lovely Blog! Ask me if I'm excited.....

Many thanks today to Elise Ann Wormuth, author of Living in the Past for nominating me for the One Lovely Blog award!  It is indeed an honor to be considered worthy of such recognition and I am most appreciative.  There are only a few expectations of me at this point, that I recognize Elise, that I reveal 7 things about myself, and that I nominate up to 15 fellow bloggers - which I am more than happy to do.

1.  I am retired and as such, finally have the time to research and investigate the details of my family origins, ancestors, occupations and beliefs.  
2.  I have two sons whom show little interest in their genealogy at the time but whom will most likely become more interested as they age, much as I did.
3.  I have my deceased father in law to thank for my obsession with genealogy as he worked tirelessly on his own in a time when there were no computers, programs such as, FTM, or any of the others.  His work was done strictly with letters, phone calls and personal visits.  I honor him for the work he did on his family and credit him with the interest he invoked in me for finding my own.
4.  I am married to a true "Renaissance man" who tolerates my hours at the computer with a good nature, an interest in my findings, and a willingness to submit his own DNA for scrutiny.
5.  I believe that the mailman is like Santa Claus and any day he brings a document is like Christmas!
6.  I have great hope that the work I do on my genealogy will be found valuable to the generations to come in my family.
7.  I am thankful to all fellow bloggers and to the various genealogical Facebook pages which have been of tremendous interest and help to me.  I have learned so much from others and am grateful for all the quick responses to questions I have asked on so many group pages.  Last of all, I will be eternally grateful to the LDS community for so willingly opening their doors to all of us and sharing their amazing library of documents.

In return for my nomination, I would like to nominate the following blogs for the One Lovely Blog award.  

Diane Hall author of Michigan Family Trails
Shawnee Cannon author of Classic Mormon Mom
Derek Davey author of Genealogy - Southeast Michigan
Laura author of Mellon Blogs
Julie Goucher author of Angler's Rest - The Book of Me written By You

Thanks again to Elise!  My research is also in Germany as yours is.  May the genealogy gods go with you in your work.


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    Have a great weekend!

    1. Jana, how very kind of you! Thanks so much! And now, you've alerted me to your blog! How delightful!