Saturday, October 11, 2014

Utah Calling!

Any gathering of like minded people is certain to be a joyous affair.  The opportunity for genealogists to gather and meet up in Salt Lake City, Utah in February 2015 will be no different.  While some travelers may know one another, most will arrive among strangers.  Inevitably, however, strangers will connect and leave as friends.

Since I have had the good fortune to have experienced a week researching ancestors at the Family History Library, I know firsthand that it is a truly remarkable place. 
The library itself is situated directly across the street from Temple Square.  The Square is filled with incomparable gardens and the fragrance of whatever is in bloom.  The time spent wandering among the ponds, flowers, streams and statues will refresh even the most troubled soul.  Somehow, the mind, heart and soul become rested, cleared and renewed.

Many of those enjoying the gardens are present to experience the same refreshment.  Joining with others, gathering for conference meetings or for library research enables us to reach out among the living even as we each reach into the past to connect to those who came before us.  No matter who we are, we now lead our ancestral lines, traveling steadily onward until we too are led by those who come after us.  Yes, we are connected in our homes, our towns, our states, our lands.  

Eventually, through our sometimes tedious explorations, we may find our connections reach even deeper.  Researching the past can sometimes lead us to a name we may share with another researcher, a town we have in common, even a child on a passenger list that we had no former knowledge of.
Researchers connect in all sorts of ways.  Cousins find cousins, children find great grandparents, countries of family origins are found.

So, come to Utah!  I invite you to make the journey!  Bring your questions, research the answers, explore the resources available, connect with others who, like you, have an insatiable appetite to know their roots and above all......leave refreshed and more knowledgeable than when you came.  Leave inspired to continue your work.  Leave fired up to support the genealogical community and all of its endeavors.  Leave having explored, connected and refreshed!