Friday, January 16, 2015

Researching Works Up an Appetite!

I recently spent a week doing research at the Family History Library in Salt Lake.  My niece was with me and we both have German roots.  In fact, all of our research was focused across the pond in Deutchland.  What would two girls of German origin be thinking about towards the end of a long day of research?  Food!  German Food!  No problem!  Salt Lake City has Siegfrieds!

Siegfried's is an authentic, German Delicatessen!  Almost within walking distance at West 200 South, Siegfrieds excites from the moment you enter.  The aroma of all that good German food took me back to my Great Grandmothers kitchen.  It was hard choosing amongst all the wonderful offerings but we settled on the Weiner Schnitzel.  I think it was a mere $8 and took two dinner plates on my tray!  As the photo shows, I chose spaetzel and red cabbage to go along with it.  Oh, My!  Siegfrieds is not a "fancy" place, you get on line, give your order, get a tray and proceed to a table.  There are no table cloths, no candles, but the food is scrumptious.  We even decided to go back again!  Just couldn't get our fill of those delicious German delicacies!  

Another treat for us was that upon entering the LDS FHL, we were offered a business like card that gave us entry to the Cafeteria on the lower level of the LDS Church Office Building.
A short walk through the gardens of Temple Square, the Cafeteria is a busy and crowded place but the food is wonderful!  There are ample choices to select from, a soup bar, a salad bar, a sandwich bar not to mention the various other "a la carte" foods available.  And so reasonably priced!  It is no wonder that they are so busy.
The walk across the square was a delightful respite from hours of research.  I especially appreciated and enjoyed being able to remain in the LDS atmosphere.  Being surrounded by busy researchers and other LDS workers helped to keep our minds focused on our task.  We went to the
Cafeteria every day for lunch and never had the same meal twice.  If you are able to get a pass to go, I strongly recommend you don't miss it!

There are other restaurants in Salt Lake City, but these were the two that stood out for us!
Happy Researching!  Have a great time at Convention and Bon Appetit!



  1. Oh my goodness, I am so excited to hear about Siegfried (an authentic, German Delicatessen) ..... I will try to get over there while in SLC in February. I too am searching German ancestors and love a lot of the foods. Thanks again.

  2. I was at the FHL in 2011. We found a pub that had great food, just a few blocks from the library. I will be there again this spring and now I will have to try the German restaurant. Thanks for the tip ;)